We focus our efforts on the digital tools we build to help the organizations and communities we serve, but took a moment to write this simple message before getting back to helping the community. If you have any questions after, feel free to give us a ring.

SparkRelief is supporting a movement. A movement where technology is used to create more impact using less resources than ever before. We help with disaster relief and recovery efforts because they are the biggest opportunities we've seen, where organizations and ordinary citizens alike can improve the human experience of both strangers and neighbors.

We are a network of passionate and committed volunteers and professionals, organized as a 501c3 Nonprofit . If you'd like to be a part of significantly improving millions of lives with us, reach out with a quick ring to 724-436-1010, let us know you'd like to help, and we'll figure out where you can contribute with us.

Looking forward to answering your call,

The SparkRelief Team

Some apps we've made are SparkHelp , SparkFund, and SparkTime