At Spark, we build apps for humanity.

So far, we spent most of our time crafting digital tools for nonprofits working in disaster relief and recovery.

Our supporters and partners prefer we spend our time building the apps they use, rather than making a cool website to impress people. Though we agree with them, we took a moment to write you this note before getting back to work. If you end up wanting to know more, we welcome you to connect with us.

SparkRelief is part of a movement where organizations are harnessing technology to create more impact using less resources than ever before.

We've seen this movement focus resources on disaster relief and recovery. It's the biggest opportunity we've seen, where organizations and ordinary citizens alike can improve the human experience of both neighbors and strangers. It's also a time when organizations come together to work toward a common purpose.

More broadly, we see organizations beginning to make data driven decisions as they gain increased access to accurate and realtime metrics. Also, organizations are reporting their impact using realtime data and beautiful visualizations.

Our role in this movement is to make it easier for more organizations to adopt improved practices faster. We make and host simple software tools to help in this endeavor. So far, we've made apps around disaster relief coordination, reporting volunteer impact, disaster case management, and more. We're happy to share them and see how we might help you.

We are a network of passionate and committed volunteers and professionals, organized as a 501c3 Nonprofit. If you'd like to be a part of significantly improving millions of lives with us, reach out with a quick ring to 724-436-1010, let us know you'd like to help, and we'll figure out where you can contribute with us.

Looking forward to answering your call,

The SparkRelief Team